Holiday 2017

Timeless Traditions is dedicated to remembering some of the traditions that may be lost in the speed of modern life. It includes stories, community events and traditional recipes that reflect upon the simple pleasures of holiday gatherings and true spirit of the season, which are not about shopping, but about coming together and counting blessings. Whether you do this with food, storytelling, or the sharing of traditions, let Timeless Traditions be your holiday guide.

The 2017 holiday season is here and it’s time to deck the halls, light the lights, help those less fortunate, gather with friends and family and count blessings.

Here in the North County, with its short days and long nights, December provides an ideal time for families and friends to gather, catch up on news, exchange gifts or eat traditional fare. The timeless expression “home for the holidays” captures in many hearts the warmth and importance of that time of return.

Our edition includes stories and essays, upcoming events and more, all written by local contributors. Each piece is selected to revive the true meaning of sacred holidays, the obligation to share with others and to count one's own blessings. Whether you do this in food, storytelling, or sharing of traditions, let Timeless Traditions be your holiday guide.


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